Hôtel (EP)

by Hôtel

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Hotel (EP) is a compilation of songs written and arranged by John Ryan Wells in Los Angeles, CA. In collaboration with vocalists Fee Doyle and Cody Michael Wilson (LEVELS), violinist Megan Moran, and cellist Andrew Rode, Hotel infuses classical/melodramatic sensibilities into alternative/indie rock songs.
All tracks were produced by Michael Rollingchild (Cold Crush Recordings) and mastered by Brian Lugo (Cats in Space Productions).


released July 31, 2014

Guitar/Piano - John Ryan Wells
Vocals - Cody Michael Wilson, Felicity Doyle, and Megan Moran
Cello - Andrew Rode
Violin - Megan Moran
Percussion - Michael Rollingchild and Brian Lugo
Produced by Michael Rollingchild
Mastered by Brian Lugo


all rights reserved



Hôtel Los Angeles, California

Hôtel is a music project started by John Wells in Los Angeles, CA.

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Track Name: Katerina
From the cold of your rocky home,
take a dive into a new blue space.
Feel the rain and find the calm deep in your face.

The tidal wave is around you. Flip your tail find a boat to hang on to.
Flip your tail find a boat to hang on to.

Are you still afloat?
And and are we still on
to escape?
We still lie awake in the still of the avenue
We wait by your church
We're faded, fucked, we're cured.
And are we still on?

Colder and hotter
currents will flow
Sideways eyes and a goldfish brain
don't know which way to go
still the water
still the water
still the water
Still the water goes.

I wait out by the sand
laid out with a cigarette
The water hums my name
with the weight of all.

The weight of all unsaid (X3)
The weight of all
Track Name: Lavender Dreams
Lavender dreams
they keep me asleep
when we arrive in beige and gold.

I slept in her forest
the sun burns through the pores of the canopy.

The train runs east to west
on the seaboard shores
they've come to rest in your tiny pores.
In lavender dreams
they all sing.

The highway is alone
unless we sleep tonight.
I wave goodbye, I re-define the light.

My eyes breathe wide
from shade to bright
I was far from your roots
but deep in your outstretched shade.

Another open road
The sun was burning gold
when the seeds blew off their leaves
and all the way across this amber sky.
Track Name: Wesley Gene
Another day breaks
she walks in the moonlight
Learns from the shadows,
speaks to spirits in the air we breathe.
The golden leaf pastures of gallery masters
they're losing their light
They're losing their minds.

So she's slipping out
and worn away
and she's all up to you.
You're tired of thinking
like a stone's breaking and she,
she's gone.
Don't get attached to the wound.

Driving in your car,
you turn off the radio and you stop
to talk about it
I'm wondering where your crown has gone
but you've buried, you've buried,
You've buried it.

So she's slipping out
and worn away
And she's all up to you.
You're tired of thinking like
a stone's breaking and she,
she's gone.
Don't get attached to the wound.
Track Name: Hotel Atlantica
The snow keeps falling
and everyone in the hotel is quiet.

If we just keep waiting
The sun will melt the snow to an ocean.
We'll sail along a pearl dress
draped in all our good luck.

All this fleeting is permanent
in a bored, curious universe.
So we wait inside
for its sun to rise.

The strangers' faces fade
to old friends and tireless hands
of teenage omniscience
And all your old plans
to share oblivion
one last time.

The sun seeps in,
and you dance to the radio.
And all your weary friends
have come to rest.

The mountains wade along
A fountain makes a moat around you
and this kingdom built upon an isle.
A waterfall awaits you.

You fought the current far too long
and far is not enough for youth.

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